On the heels of the new trailer for the third season not too long ago, today’s announcement comes as no surprise to hardcore fans of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights; the return of the exceedingly popular Stranger Things on Netflix to the maze lineup is most definitely, a welcome one.

Last year, Stranger Things was one of the most popular mazes; the wait times for both parks were sometimes two hours or more, especially during the busiest days to visit. There is a pretty obvious answer to why that is: the show is not only popular across a spectrum of age groups, but it also lends itself to a wealth of opportunities to deliver scares to fear-seekers with a similar intensity and surprise that is a cornerstone to the show. To add to this, Universal’s take in on the show, although varied between parks, stays true to the content for an experience you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

As someone who enjoys the show, and last year having the luck of getting an almost solo walkthrough of the maze in the Hollywood park, the possibilities and direction this year’s mazes could take as they explore the world of season two are numerous.

One of the promising, and what may have already been hinted at on Twitter, is the inclusion of the “Demodog” (technically a D’Artagan), a creature that had a sort of onscreen cuteness in the second season of the series when Dustin takes it in—of course until it ate Mews, which was downright heartbreaking. (At least for this cat mom it was.)

Exploring more of the Upside Down would likely also be a large feature of the upcoming mazes in their respective parks, and walking through parts of the underground tunnels that spread beneath the farmland of Hawkins in all its creepy gross-ness. We could be seeing large-scale props and facades from scenes like the battle on the bus and maybe even a tour through the laboratory facility where some pretty gnarly deaths and Demogorgon action takes place.

Whatever the maze interpretations for season two are, Stranger Things has a wealth of terrifying material and an extremely dedicated fan base ready to laugh, cry, and scream with what’s coming. And, with the added note from their press release, maze creators will be working directly with Netflix on developing “authentic representations of the blockbuster series,” adds even more intrigue and excitement.

Until then, we only have to wait until the 4th of July to get the next fix of the Upside Down.

You can check out the rest of the announcement here in the meantime!