PortAventura World Celebrates Halloween 2022

PortAventura World in Tarranoga, Spain is excited to announce that this year’s Halloween Celebration will be their longest running event to date.

From 24th September until 13th November, thrill-seekers will be able to visit 6 passages of terror, as well as a wide range of shows involving more than 200 artists with almost 200 hours of shows per week. One of the most special new additions is the first children’s horror show, Trick or Treat, and MTV Hor-Rock in Texas. The resort will also celebrate its black edition on the night of 8th October at MTV Hor-Rock Night.

Sustainability and good environmental practices will also play their part during the season. As has become tradition, every corner of the park will be decorated with over 12,000 pumpkins, which will weigh more than 120,000 kg in total and will be grown on a farm in the Penedés region near the resort, following the circular economy and zero waste strategy implemented by the company. Halloween will also be celebrated in a special way at PortAventura’s Village Dreams, the PortAventura Foundation’s play area where families with children with serious illnesses are staying as part of their emotional recovery therapy.

Tickets and more information can be found at the PortAventura World website.