Get Ready to Turn the Pages with Casefile: ARKHAM – Her Blood Runs Cold

Everyone loves a murder horror-mystery, right? With chaotic, mind-numbing nightmares,  from writer Josh I. Finney comes a Kickstarter project for a graphic novel exploring Arkham and the eldritch horrors that occur there with CASEFILE: Arkham – Her Blood Runs Cold.

Arkham Her Blood CoverThe acclaimed supernatural noir series returns with another hardboiled tale about a detective, a dame, and the vengeful spawn of an ancient god. Earlier this year author Josh Finney (World War Kaiju) and artist Patrick McEvoy (Lost In Space) turned heads with CASEFILE: Arkham. Described by critics as a perfect blending of the hardboiled detective fiction of Raymond Chandler and the eldritch horror H.P. Lovecraft, the graphic novel plunged reader into the darkest corners of Arkham, New England. Hot on the heel of this success, 01Publishing has launched a Kickstarter to bring readers the another tale from the casefile of detective Hank Flynn. When an old friend shows up at Flynn’s office waving a gun and rambling about “the Abyss of the Shoggoths,” the detective is pulled into a case of love, revenge, and an elite family’s generational feud—one which just so happen to have interbred with the spawn of a Sumerian God. Entitled CASEFILE: Arkham: Her Blood Runs Cold, the graphic novel is intended to run approximately 120 pages, plus additional content.

The Kickstarter campaign for this book runs until September 24th. The creators for the project are Josh I. Finney, author and artist who was behind award-winning graphic novels such as Titanium RainUtopiates, and World War KaijuHe was also an illustrator for DC’s Batman/Catwoman and has done everything from concept designs to cover art. Patrick McEvoy has been illustrating for over a decade. He is better known for his artwork in the H.P. Lovecraft inspired RPG games, Arkaham Horror, Call of Cthulhu, and famously worked on A Song of Ice and Fire series, better known as Game of Thrones.

Check out the trailer below and visit their Kickstarter campaign before it’s too late!


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