Album: Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 29

We feel a full review of Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, Florida would be pretty much a rehash of what we’ve said in the years before. So instead of trying to break down and analyze the event, let’s just say it’s one of the best years they’ve had with an excellent collection of houses that can appeal to everyone. The entertainment is top notch as you’d expect from one of the largest entertainment companies in the world (although still miss you Bill & Ted!). With that said, how about a look at the scenic this year.

Note: as with every year, there’s no photography in the houses themselves – there’s other outlets that have video and images from inside but we feel that ruins a bit of the thrill.

Stay and scream house lines
The lines for houses in the Stay and Scream holding area are much more organized this year as there’s now two distinct lines for the two houses that open early.
Looks like a long line, but was only about five minutes.
Safe to say this was our favorite scare-zone. It just makes for amazing visuals.
Vegan / Vegetarian options are fairly plentiful this year.
Shockingly good. We must have ordered this four times.
The new water show is nice, but it’s nothing we’d wait around for.
😢 rip Bill & Ted
Stay and Scream makes this possible. Absolutely no wait
Left: s’mores fries. Right: pizza fries.
Both are disgusting despite the local pizza fries cult.
Probably one of the better uses of a plain facade to date.
Certainly the scariest thing of the event 😨
My personal favorite house. The suspense buildup from the soundtrack is insane. Honestly, this could make for a great movie. Universal, you listening?
This gag was awesome, we watched it every night we were there for a solid half hour. Props to the actress, she sold it!
Our buddy Owen is going to need a very long vacation after Horror Nights ends.

There’s a lot more that we’d love to show but just don’t have the space.

If you’re an actor we shared a photo of and want a full-sized copy, send us a DM on Twitter and we’ll hook you up.

Thanks to everyone involved at Universal Orlando for putting on another excellent show. We’ll be back for the big number 30 next year.