A Little Bit of Scary TV in 2015

While zombie apocalypse fans are shuffling their feet, waiting for the continuation of season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, there are a few other shows out there that are getting us really excited…

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Hannibal (Summer 2015)
Although season 3 has recently been pushed back to a summer premiere, we all hunger to see Mads Mikkelsen return to the iconic Dr. Hannibal Lecter. If you haven’t watched this show, you can begin with season 1 for free with Amazon PrimeHannibal found its legs (carried by the determined ‘Fannibals’) after the completion of season 1 and killed it in season two. Again and again, the show proves to be a huge fan favorite, and though it was overlooked by some of the better-known yearly awards, only means that the show might be hard for uneasy stomachs to swallow. The show’s front runner, Bryan Fuller, pushes the limits with the blood, guts, and gore, but his risks have brought the show great success. The new move to summer, although making that longer wait disappointing, will hopefully give Hannibal less to compete with (or less victims to consume) and continue to give cannibalism all the glory it deserves.


Bates Motel (3/9/15)
A&E has surprised us with the ultra-creepy portrayal of a young Norman Bates and his mother, Norma. Season 3 premieres in March and season 1 can be streamed now on Netflix, with season 2 coming somewhere around August. Bates Motel has done an excellent job with the expansion of the Norman Bates universe without leaving its origins too far behind. We don’t want to spoil anything, but we are pretty sure that season 3 will make mother proud.


Hemlock Grove (2015)
The last season of this Netflix original executive produced by Eli Roth will premiere later this year. Seasons 1 & 2 are available now for streaming on Netflix. Although badly received by critics, fans and regular viewers have liked the show enough to give it an average of 3.9 stars on the streaming service. If you haven’t given it a shot already, we suggest, why not?


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