Final 2014 Haunt Season Weekend Breakdown

We did a lot this weekend. We mean, a lot, and we are hoping to break it all down step-by-step to help unwind from what has been a busy haunting season. This week, we plan on bringing you several posts highlighting the time we spent at the Reign of Terror Haunted House, running our own home haunt, Stan Lee’s Comikaze, and finally, attending the last night of Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights. Each of these events shocked and amazed, further inspiring our goals of bringing our readers horror news and events year-round rather than the smattering of haunts and events that are packed into September and October.

Stay tuned here for our info, but in the meantime, enjoy our first review about Reign of Terror.


Big Three SoCal Haunts You Might Not Want to Miss in 2014

There are two weeks left in the Halloween Haunt season, and that’s two weekends left for you to experience at least one or all of the scare events we will discuss in-depth in this long overdue review.

The big “three” haunting games in town, Six Flags Magic Mountain: Fright Fest, Knott’s Scary Farm, and Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights are all unique in their own ways, making it difficult to choose if time and money only allow for one before the season officially ends on November 2nd.

In this review, we will talk about what we liked and didn’t like, give a good run-down on the mazes (without spoiling too much, we hope), and finally, with our bias towards certain scare events, explain why last night was one of the best nights we’ve ever had. Continue reading “Big Three SoCal Haunts You Might Not Want to Miss in 2014”


Knott’s Scary Farm 2014: Choose Your Own Adventure (Or price!)

Last week we wrote a little something about Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. Although we are pretty excited about what is to come at that venue, Universal is definitely not the only game in town—if you are in Southern California, that is—and this year, Knott’s has queued up an impressive list of attractions for their Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park. Continue reading “Knott’s Scary Farm 2014: Choose Your Own Adventure (Or price!)”


American Werewolf comes to Hollywood

John Murdy and Chris Williams cannot stop smiling.

In fact, the Universal Studios Hollywood Creative Director (Murdy) appears so excited he gestures wildly as he says, “We have the actual director!”

Chris Williams, Universal’s Art Director, sits calmly, but you can see the joy in his face.

Between these two—who have become icons in the haunting industry over the last few years—sits John Landis, also iconic director, writer, and producer who has contributed film gems like Animal House, The Blues Brothers, Trading Places, and Michael Jackson’s short, Thriller. Most of all, he brought us An American Werewolf in London. Continue reading “American Werewolf comes to Hollywood”


Scare LA and Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in 2014

The season for scare venues like haunted hayrides, corn mazes, and theme park horror events will soon be in full swing. The announcements from these venues have been titillating and have continued to grow excitement for this year’s Halloween scare season.

However, if you cannot two months to get your scare fix, the awesome folks at Scare LA have put together an event this weekend that is dedicated to celebrating everything about Halloween. From horror filmmaker announcements, gore-industry panels, and haunt locations to pumpkin carving workshops, this weekend convention will have it all.

You can cruise on over to their site (Scare LA) to get info on the event and buy tickets (almost sold out). If you cannot make it before it ends at 7pm tonight, then head over on Sunday (open 11am to 6pm) where Universal Halloween Horror Nights creative and art directors John Murdy and Chris Williams will be discussing the process of creating scare mazes. This panel (starts at 1pm) will also feature an exclusive maze announcement for Universal Hollywood’s event.

Also, for an extra $5, you can experience Urban Death, which is a 22-minute attraction organized by Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater Group. This experience is a great way to get a scare fix that will hold you over until more local events open their doors.

If you cannot make it, check us out on Twitter as we will be live-tweeting from the HHN panel and other parts of the event!