Haunt Guide: Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest

Table of Contents

What is Fright Fest?

Fright Fest is Six Flags Magic Mountain’s annual haunt event, featuring haunted houses, roaming monsters, live entertainment, and their world-class roller coasters.

Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain operates select nights in September and October.

The event itself is included with regular park admission, but a Haunted Attractions Pass is required to experience the Haunted Houses. You can enjoy all the scare zones, coasters, and entertainment without the Haunted Attractions Pass.

Due to the intense nature of the event, guests under 13 are not recommended to attend.

When is Fright Fest?

Fright Fest is open select nights September through October, mainly weekends. Check the park calendar before visiting.


    • Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising
    • Condemned – Forever Damned
    • Sewer of Souls
    • Truth or Dare
    • Vault 666 Unlocked
    • Willoughby’s Resurrected

Scare Zones

    • carnivHELL
    • City Under Siege
    • Devil’s Triangle
    • Exile Hill
    • Nightmares – A Twisted Fantasy
    • Terror Rising – Dark Developments
    • Terrortory Twisted
    • The Deadzone


    • Spirits with Spirits – A new upcharge dinner buffet with music, food and drinks.
    • The Rising
    • Unleashed
    • Voodoo Nights

Food & Drink

Years ago Fright Fest offered a dinner comedy show and buffet before the event kicked off and we’re glad something similar is back this year. The new Spirits with Spirits buffet features music, food and includes one specialty drink (mocktails are avail).

There’s no concrete menu for Spirits with Spirits and early reports from opening weekend show it being fairly basic and not much for vegetarians/vegans/etc. We’re going this weekend and will update with what we find out.

The park is also offering other limited time food items such as the “Funnel Cake Graveyard” and the “Fanta Orange Skull-Sicle”. Getting a list of all limited time items has always been a challenge at Magic Mountain to it’s best to peek your head into the restaurants to see if there’s any signage up. We’ve found they’ve had stuff they didn’t even advertise (that they should have!).


Fright Fest is a soft-ticketed event. As long as you have park admission you can enter during the event – the park doesn’t close and clear out guests. You do however need a haunted attraction pass wristband that you can buy online or in the park (buy it online, cheaper and WAY quicker). Check to make sure you don’t get one for free. It was a benefit some memberships tiers received. You can check in the app, it will be under the benefits section.

We’d also recommend spending the few extra dollars and buying the Express pass as well. Because Fright Fest pulses people through mazes the lines can back up a lot more than if you were at a larger event down the freeway that conga line people through.

Tickets can be purchased directly from Six Flags.